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Bosch unveils Pan&Tilt-based _complete surveillance solution_

Based around a high-speed Pan&Tilt (P&T) unit, the system offers a camera module with auto-focus and a choice of high-definition camera and zoom lens combinations, all enclosed within a strong polycarbonate and extruded aluminium casing. In manual mode, 360_ continuous panning at up to 100_ per second is complemented by up to 40_ per second tilting. The tilt ranges between _90_ and +40_, allowing viewing above the horizon. Fast movement by manual operation remains smooth, as both pan and tilt speed are scaled automatically to the amount of zoom. Autopan and Patrol functions are extremely precise, with (labelled) position and area presets accurate to 0.02_, while different speeds (up to 40_ per second pan, 30_ per second tilt) can be assigned within Patrol or Autopan sequences.

An emphasis on flexibility means that the system can be tailored to meet the requirements of a broad variety of applications. Extensive selections of camera models and zoom lenses are available, including optimised Bosch DinionXF camera-lens combinations. According to the manufacturer, DinionXF is _the perfect complement_ for the system_s high-speed P&T performance.

Ease of integration into existing systems is aided by multi-protocol capability, including Bosch_s proprietary Bilinx and Biphase. An aerodynamic case encloses the system, while a sunshield provides further protection; versions with wiper and optional washer are also available.

_The new Bosch high speed positioning system features all-round high performance and quality for challenging surveillance applications,_ Phil Brewer, product manager – imaging (PRM2) at Bosch Security Systems B.V, told II. _The solution is very flexible, allowing the system to be tailored to meet the requirements of a broad variety of applications. Bosch offers a complete range of camera models and zoom lenses to choose from, including optimized Bosch Dinion camera-lens combinations. Delivering crisp, clear video of the highest quality, Dinion is the perfect complement for the system_s high speed P&T performance._