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Bosch installs new fire detection and security systems in BMW World complex

The task of early fire detection is taken care of by about 3,000 fire detectors. The hold-up and Intrusion Alarm System, consisting of 400 individual alarm detectors, monitors the outer perimeter and other sensitive areas. All reports are forwarded to four universal security systems (UGM), which initiate life-saving procedures if the alarm is sounded. To ensure that nothing detracts from the architecture, Bosch’s 500 series smoke detectors are used in especially sensitive areas. These have been colour-matched to their surroundings and recessed into the ceilings.

Bosch has also installed a video surveillance system, an emergency exit door controller and a public address system. In the event of a fire, a Praesideo public address system with 1,800 integrated loudspeakers located throughout the building ensures that visitors and employees receive full and reliable information. Eighty emergency exit doors are controlled centrally to ensure that the building can be evacuated rapidly if the situation involves serious danger.

In addition, the BMW Group recently equipped its corporate headquarters in Munich with a modern fire alarm system supplied by Bosch.