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Biamp promotes ‘revolutionary’ approach

Central to this approach is Biamp’s new AudiaFUSION, a combination of an Audia DSP unit and a multichannel modular amplifier, configurable to 2,400W. As well as speaker processing, this combined unit also enables mixing, room combining and resource sharing, all controllable over a distributed network.

Because the system operates over Ethernet, analogue wiring is drastically reduced. In addition, systems with multiple AudiaFUSION or AudiaFLEX units can spread the DSP load across the network, allowing integrators to do ‘more with less’.

“AudiaFUSION is the first of its kind because it provides decentralised processing of sound, power and control data for the entire system – not just in the rack,” said Steve Metzger, Biamp’s vice president of business development. “You can control your system costs with two systems for one product – and at the same time, expand your possibilities for future AV system development.”