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Beyer expertise for medical trainees

The facility’s ground floor is home to a fracture and orthopaedic clinic with its own dedicated X-ray suite, while the two upper floors contain a staff education centre and hi-tech training facility.

This training centre is one of the most advanced in the UK. A central control viewing room is linked by video and microphones to the hands-on area, which can be set up as either a fully equipped hospital ward or a realistic operating theatre. Remotely controlled zoom and pan camera feeds are recorded straight on to a hard drive. The operator can view the procedures independently or globally.

On the audio side, a combination of Beyerdynamic MPC23 button microphones are set into the ceiling, with Beyer Opus 350 tie clip radio mics being used by the nurses, doctors and consultants. The choice of microphones and their positioning allows the operator to select from a single consultant recording through to a fully working theatre. These are all mixed into a Biamp Nexia CS DSP unit for equalisation, processing and routing for playback through Bittner amplifiers.

The Biamp and Bittner brands are distributed by Beyer in the UK, and the latter’s expert advice was much appreciated. “Beyerdynamic’s initial help in specifying a flexible system solution was crucial in helping to win the contract,” comments Colin Broadfoot of Saville AV. “We believe this installation will provide an excellent blueprint for similar projects in the future”.