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Bayfront Florida home takes on ELAN g!

This LEED-Platinum certified home in Sarasota, Florida combines intelligent design with a smart home control system to simplify luxury living.

An ELAN g! Entertainment and Control System is providing a Bayfront Florida home with complete control over its AV systems, including lights, audio and climate controls.

Josh Wynne Construction designed the home with multiple eco-conscious features, including solar panels and rainwater cisterns, leading to a LEED-platinum home certification.

Because the owner likes to host parties but is also a private-minded person, the home features a progression of public spaces, intermediate spaces and private spaces, both indoors and in the landscaping. The ELAN g! Entertainment and Control System enables complete control over everything from climate to pool controls with the ELAN g! Mobile app on their iPhones and iPads.

Florida-based systems integrator SmartHouse Integration designed and installed a variety of high-tech systems everything in the home – lights, air conditioning, heating, irrigation, TVs, multi-room audio, security, surveillance and even pool controls – can be turned on and off, scheduled and adjusted from a single iPhone app.

 “We were able to extend the awe even further by implementing smart home systems so the owner could walk into that room and hit a single button to dim the lights, turn on their favorite playlist and adjust the climate to the perfect temperature. It’s a home that uses technology to simplify living,” commented Mark van den Broek, of SmartHouse.

With TVs, speakers and lights both indoors and outdoors that can be controlled on an iPhone or iPad, every area in the home can be custom programmed with scenes for different scenarios. This includes cooking, hosting a party, movie viewing, or even an ‘Away’ mode that turns off most systems and automatically sets the security and surveillance systems. One special part of the security system is a custom-designed digital ‘gate’ on the driveway that alerts the homeowners whenever a vehicle approaches the homes.

van den Broek commented: “The home has three driveways, so a gate wouldn’t have been feasible. I came up with a solution using laser triggers on each driveway, so when a vehicle crosses the beam a video feed of the driveway comes up on the large touchscreen in the kitchen and master bedroom. And if the home is set to ‘away’ mode, the system turns on indoor and outdoor lights and sends an alert to the owner’s cell phone. It’s a surefire way to protect the house when they are away and a convenient way to see when friends are arriving.”

The most important aspect of the home’s technology is that the owners can use it without any training, without any hassle, and without any stress. When people drive up, the camera feed simply appears on the touchscreens. When they are away, they can open the ELAN g! Mobile app and check their surveillance cameras and even view histories of which lights have been on and what the indoor temperature has been. If they are home and want to watch a movie, all they need is an iPhone to turn off the lights, turn on the TV and Blu-ray player, and raise the volume. For parties, switching audio sources to different zones and adjusting volume is a breeze with the on-screen sliders. All in all, the owners of this beautiful Florida home have total control in the palm of their hands, and they don?t have to worry about a thing.