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AV Stumpfl brings advanced video capability to airport terminal

An AV Stumpfl media server and show control system has been selected to power cutting-edge video capability for the new terminal at Bergen Airport in Flesland, Norway.

Systems integrator Stagelab along with Bright Norway specified AV Stumpfl’s Wings Player Pro media server and Avio Master show control system.

In the check-in area, video is projected onto the southern sidewalls using seven projectors delivering a total of 217,000 lumens and 14 million pixels of resolution to create an image 57m long and between 4.5m and 7m high. On the wall in the gate area that stretches across the walkway to the old terminal, an image is projected that is around 20m wide and between 3.5m and 5.5m high. Here, three projectors provide total brightness of 93,000 lumens. The content is images and video of the picturesque area surrounding Bergen.

The AV Stumpfl equipment is installed in the basement of the building, with content transferred to the projectors via fibre optic cable. Onscreen images are regularly recalibrated using advanced camera calibration, and the brightness of the projectors is automatically adjusted depending on ambient light levels in order to provide an optimal image at all times.

“The playback system is entirely controlled using AV Stumpfl’s Avio Master,” said Torgeir Kaarvann Dahl, product and project manager at Bright Norway. “This is a very prestigious installation, with millions of eyeballs on it each year, so the renowned stability and reliability of AV Stumpfl’s system was a natural choice for us.

“It’s also a very simple system to manage – even remotely. We can easily run automatic camera calibration for set-up, even when we’re not at the location. That’s particularly important, because the content changes with the seasons of the year. The Wings Player Pros handle not only video playback, but also image blending and the image masking necessary to blend with the terminal’s architecture.

“AV Stumpfl’s systems have once again proven capable of delivering state-of-the-art imagery. They also provide us with more efficient work flow monitoring, servicing and updating of the installation’s content. AV Stumpfl’s reliable systems with camera calibration and remote management help keep the cost of service and maintenance low – and who doesn’t want that?”

In addition to the AV Stumpfl equipment and IDS industrial cameras, the installation features Panasonic PT-RZ31K laser projectors and a Crestron 3-Series control system, light sensors and DM fibre extenders.

The existing airport terminal at Bergen airport was originally built to handle 2.8 million passengers. Today more than six million people fly either to or from the airport in the course of a year, and the airport now has capacity for 7.5 million.

Picture: T.K.Dahl – Bright Norway