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SMART Technologies announces new DViT licensing deal

Instead of flying a large Seattle-based team and extensive booth materials to InfoComm’s Florida location, .advancedMethod decided to use its express digital signage system (pictured) to convey pre-prepared content and facilitate link-ups between visitors and company HQ.

“Our digital signage system, express, is perfectly capable of doing the talking for us,” said Robert Grawet, general manager of .advancedMethod. “Not only does digital signage greatly reduce on the printing and shipping costs of traditional signage material, express [also] provides the perfect platform for us to have our voice heard loud and clear.”

To further conserve resources, .advancedMethod constructed its booth from local recyclable resources. Subsequent to the show, the booth will be disassembled and all materials donated to poverty-reduction charity Habit for Humanity.

Also integral to .advancedMethod’s showing at InfoComm was the demonstration, in conjunction with Tandberg, of an interactive kiosk/videoconferencing system allowing instant video contact with a subject expert or interpreter. According to .advancedMethod, the system could be used anywhere a retailer or organisation needs more of a presence without hiring extra staff.

In other recent news, .advancedMethod has worked in partnership with Eiki Digital Systems to ‘fine-tune’ the express system.

“With .advancedMethod, the pro-AV dealer can offer his customer a remarkably easy-to-use digital signage system and, where desired, creative services to enhance the presentation,” said Kiyoharu Kawabata, president of parent company Eiki Industrial Co. “This extends the dealer’s reach, beyond offering display product, to offering manageable solutions.”