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RMG Networks’ Korbyt platform named LG webOS partner

RMG Networks has announced that its Korbyt platform has been selected as a webOS Signage partner by LG.

RMG Networks has announced that its Korbyt platform has been selected as a webOS Signage partner by LG.

RMG Networks’ Korbyt was developed with the aim of reinventing visual content creation, management and publishing across the widest possible range of digital end points. It enables companies to create immersive interactive visual communication applications designed to reshape customer and employee experiences.

webOS Signage is LG’s Linux kernel-based multitasking operating system for smart devices, such as smart TVs, acting as a media player for digital signage applications. When combined, Korbyt and LG webOS Signage form a complete digital signage solution, turning LG displays into multi-functional displays without the need for an additional external device.

Ben Johnston, vice president of product management at RMG Networks said: “We are excited to be extending the reach of our Korbyt digital signage platform to LG webOS powered displays, and to be working with a huge company like LG. We recognise the quality, convenience, and performance that LG webOS provides to customers.

“Combined with our industry-leading data integration and content creation features, customers now have access to a powerful digital signage solution without the need for an external media player. This is a game-changing development for the digital signage industry.”

Offering a rich feature-set, webOS Signage enhances visual communications across a wide range of verticals and markets. RMG Networks’ Korbyt platform now fully supports webOS powered displays, allowing content managed within the Korbyt platform to be displayed directly on to webOS powered LG screens of all sizes, even mobile phones, thanks to the platform’s mobile app extension.

Combining LG webOS Signage and Korbyt provides a vast range of benefits. LG’s clients already using webOS Signage can now choose to use the Korbyt platform for all their enterprise visual communications. Furthermore, Korbyt clients with a preference for LG webOS Signage can now stay true to their choice of display hardware.

WebOS Signage leverages key capabilities of the Korbyt platform, providing users with access to a wealth of options for segmented real-time data and content visualisation around the globe. It can all be managed efficiently from one central, or multiple locations via an intuitive web-based portal.