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Peerless-AV on adapting mounting solutions to modern retail environments

Keith Dutch, the new managing director of Peerless-AV, reveals the importance of maximising space and simplifying product choice in retail environments.

What are some of the main challenges of working on retail projects?

When working on retail projects, installers are often faced with a balancing act between the desires of the retailer, the reality of the budget and the desire to include the latest and greatest AV technology. Then there are the logistics and practicalities of bringing everything together on site at the right time and completing the project according to strict deadlines. By making the right technology choices from the start, not only can installers save precious time on site but they can benefit from a positive effect on their bottom line.

As retailers look to create more dynamic and interactive displays and shopping experiences, what impact has this had on the requirements of mounting solutions?

Selecting the right mount for a retail project, and ensuring it is as safe, secure and as intuitive to install as possible, is fundamental to a successful, productive and profitable installation. Some considerations would be:

Maximise available space

A good digital signage installation is one that makes the most of the physical retail space available and blends seamlessly into its environment. Whether designing for in-window, the shop floor, at the point of sale or a shopping centre gallery, modular solutions are an ideal option to help simplify choice of mounting options and address the challenges that each location brings. Peerless-AV’s Twin Pole Modular Series fulfils multiple install requirements from a single ceiling mounted display to an unlimited floor-to-ceiling or free-standing videowall array. Back-to-back adaptors effectively double the screen presence from the same amount of space – perfect for in-window retail applications to present one message to passing traffic and another to those inside the store.

Simplify product choice

Digital signage installations in retail can be complex and time consuming, and no two projects are exactly alike. Ordering different mounts for each and every project can be confusing, leading to possible mis-ordering and mistakes. The Twin Pole Modular Series offers a single range of mounts, with a specially selected set of options, able to fulfil a multitude of different applications. Via the ‘Modular Configurator’ tool on the Peerless-AV website, installers are guided through a series of simple stages to create a bespoke solution. They can select a single twin pole unit or twin pole videowall unit, choose mounting type (landscape or portrait orientation), pick required component options and accessories (fixing plates, column length etc.), and then submit their configuration for a quote.

Easy servicing and maintenance

Concerns regarding ease of installation of videowall into a cut-out area and the ease of access for future servicing and maintenance are real barriers for some installers. Peerless-AV’s Full-service Quick Release Video Wall Mount range overcomes these reservations and gives any installer the confidence to offer their retail clients a recessed solution with quick and simple access to the rear of the screen. A single installer has the ability to articulate the screen away from the wall by gently pressing on the front of the display. The carriage extension force can be adjusted to compensate for the weight of the display. Also, featuring eight-points of micro adjustment for fine-tuning display position, these mounts can create a truly seamless, integrated array even where the wall surface is not completely flat. The mounts provide up to a 60% plus reduction in installation time, guaranteeing minimal effort or fuss. Screen specific spacers assist with precise positioning and perfect alignment without any measuring, or complicated calculations.

In retail installs, what factors are most commonly overlooked?

Retail install potential is only really limited by budget and the ambition of the project manager. Whereas before some integrators were guilty of promising the earth but rarely delivering, the new wave of experienced, specialist integrators know exactly what is and isn’t achievable.

When it comes to mounting solutions, any potential safety issues can be avoided by opting for UL certified mounts that have been tested and qualified to ensure they can handle the weight and stresses placed on the hardware and fasteners. Retail buyers need peace of mind that the mount won’t fail and cause damage or injury. Mounts that are VESA compliant also conform to all the mechanical requirements of flat panels, ensuring further reliability.

What are some of the most exciting innovations being made in mounting solutions specifically for retail applications?

Installers are always on the lookout for mounting solutions that will make their jobs easier, and produce the best results in retail environments. Last month, Peerless-AV introduced the new Supreme Full Service Video Wall Mount DS-VW775 for 46in to 60in displays, with tool-less lateral micro-adjustment, single-hand pop out serviceability, lightweight structure and reusable spacers for both portrait and landscape applications.

Some exciting developments with universal LED mounting solutions are also on the horizon and Peerless-AV will be making announcements in this area at ISE 2017.

Tell us about a recent installation project that highlights Peerless-AV‘s expertise in the retail sector.

Peerless-AV’S DS-VW765-POR and DS-VW765-PQR Full Service Portrait Video Wall Mounts are installed in newly refurbished Dune stores across the UK, US and Switzerland. Project Audio Visual provided Dune with a fully-managed package, working closely with Dune’s shop designers, and the Merchandising Department to ensure a straightforward installation within tight timescales. Peerless-AV mounts played an important role in ensuring quick and easy installation of two large videowalls, each made up of nine LG displays, situated on the back wall either side of the till counter. Packed with innovative features, the mounts eliminate on-site measuring to ensure perfect screen alignment and their ease of access for servicing and maintenance ensures an installer-friendly experience.

Steve Hudson, Project Audio Visual’s sales director, commented: “After using Peerless-AV for 3-4 years, they are now our preferred mounts supplier for a simple reason – we are putting in 5-10 videowalls a month and the quick-release videowall mount product is absolutely superb. Our engineers find it the easiest to use, the quickest to install and the micro adjustment is second to none. We find as a company that we are saving time on installation and reducing time spent on site, especially because the pop out mechanism helps with simple access to and servicing of an individual screen without having to remove the others. All video walls for the Dune Group roll out are going in with the Peerless-AV quick release mounts.”