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Only 2% of graduates want to work remotely full-time says report

Gen Z job seekers prefer face-to-face communication and relationship building

According to new research by iCIMS in its sixth annual ‘Class of’ report, the college graduating class of 2021 has largely rejected the idea of a virtual working experience, with almost two-thirds of college seniors preferring to work in an office for their first job post-graduation, and four in five believing they best represent themselves in person during job interviews.

“The class of 2021 is entering the workforce at a time when the traditional aspects of the workplace experience are being called into question,” said Jewell Parkinson, chief people officer, iCIMS. “On one hand, the desire for flexibility is paramount for all, but on the other hand, this up-and-coming generation also wants and needs the experience of social connection and ingraining themselves within an inclusive learning culture where physical space matters. As businesses consider their next steps, they cannot ignore the impact of how and where they work will have on their ability to attract, engage, hire, and advance talent and be successful.”

The sixth annual “Class of” report combines perspectives from HR professionals and this year’s college graduates from the US, UK, and France, with trends from iCIMS’ proprietary database of 120 million applications, 64 million applicants, and 3.8 million hires by approximately 4,300 companies worldwide in 2020. Read the full Class of 2021 report and methodology here.