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Jean-Yves Charlier wins CEO of the Year award

Following an earlier stage of work that involved the installation of 144 ways of ETC Sensor dimming and new dimmer outlets, internally wired bars and DMX data distribution around the building, White Light – working with Independent Studio Services and Bradbrook Electrical – subsequently returned to the theatre to replace the over-stage flying system and install five new motor winches, among other duties.

Most recently of all, White Light supplied a new lighting rig comprising 55 ETC Source Four profile spots (used with SeaChanger Colour Engines) and 10 Robert Juliat 310 1kW Fresnels, plus new Par cans. White Light also provided DHA Light Curtains, framing ETC Revolutions, as well as a selection of UV gear and some scrollers for recent productions of the musicals Sweet Charity and Oh! What A Lovely War.

Recent months have also seen Wiltshire purchase an ETC Ion control console with twin fader wings and twin touchscreens to replace the venue’s Strand 300 desk.

Considering the ongoing relationship between RAM and White Light, Wiltshire observed: “What’s been great about working with White Light on all of these large upgrade projects has been the confidence and trust we’ve been able to have that they would deliver a final result that fits well into an educational budget and time constraints yet has the finished quality, the attention to detail, and the support and back-up that the professional sector demands. I like the fact that the relationship between RAM and White Light is based on the same objective – working together to create and support both the arts industry and the production process within that.”

IMAGE COURTESY OF White Light, by Rob Halliday.