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From virtual production to commercial cinema

No more green screen: LG’s virtual production set-up at ISE

Virtual production and digital cinema are new areas of interest for LG with its latest LED screens. 

The LBAE026 2.6mm cabinet for virtual production allows users to build large backdrops for studio productions, as demonstrated at ISE.

“If you want to film in a virtual environment it used to be done with a green screen, but performers couldn’t see what they were interacting with and they got a green cast on their skin,” explained Stuart Reay, European LED solutions architect. 

With virtual production “the actor/presenter can see the environment they are interacting with, and the cameras are tracked to ensure the background moves with the cameras. “You get a much more natural performance and the actor is lit by the screen, so is colour correct.”

For digital cinema, LG’s LADF displays are DCI certified and come in four versions, and different pixel pitches, for various applications. At 3.3mm it can create a 14m-wide screen at 4K, 10m at 2.5mm pitch and 5m at 1.2mm. They are compatible with IMS3000, Dolby’s Integrated Media Server.

Europe’s second LG digital cinema opens this week, in Barcelona, with many more opening in Spain soon; the first arrived in Paris recently. The advantages are: lower maintenance and running costs, more control over brightness; useful for having lights on for egaming or using non-cinema sources, and “everything is always in focus with an LED screen,” said Reay. It also offers better contrast. “You also get true blacks, because there is no light coming back off the screen.”

Stand number: 3K200