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ProSource announces HR handbook for members

HR Playbook provides a comprehensive guide to recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees

ProSource, the largest audio, video, and integration buying group in the United States, has introduced its ProSource HR Playbook, an actionable new hiring and recruiting handbook explicitly developed for ProSource members. The Playbook provides a complete package of best practices, tools, and programs that combines fresh ideas, innovative approaches, and real-world strategies to assist members in recruitment and retention. It is intended to serve as a roadmap to steering through the challenges of attracting, recruiting, hiring, and onboarding top talent, and offers tools used by national companies to compete and win in the employee marketplace.

Key components of the HR Playbook include:

  • Best Practice Guide for HR – Planning, Attracting, Recruiting, Hiring, and Interviewing
  • HR Scorecard to highlight areas to improve in the hiring process
  • CareerPlug – Online Applicant Tracking System
  • McQuaig Candidate Assessment Solution
  • Interview Scorecard
  • Handbook in a Box – Create a fully configurable comprehensive handbook for any size company in any area of the country for free!

“ProSource members now have a complete roundup of resources featured in the HR Playbook, including CareerPlug, an HR Scorecard, Job Interview Scorecard, the McQuaig Four-Trait system, the Handbook in a Box, and other key components,” said Sherry Dantonio, ProSource senior director of education and membership recruitment. “Even in the best of times, finding and hiring the right people is one of the most challenging aspects of running an independent business. The task has become even more daunting in today’s tight labor market – which is why ProSource has developed exclusive human resources content, including this HR Playbook, packed with expert advice to help our members recruit, hire, and retain outstanding teams.”