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Barco provides MDSC-2124 HD surgical displays to Maquet

Medical equipment manufacturer Maquet has opened a new showroom in Kobe, Japan, and equipped it with Barco surgical displays.

Surgical medical equipment manufacturer Maquet has equipped its new showroom in Kobe, Japan, with Barco MDSC-2124 HD surgical displays. The new Maquet Academy showcases Maquet’s hybrid operating room concept, and is expected to receive over 10,000 visitors – doctors, surgeons, hospital administrators – per year.

In 1999, Maquet opened its first Maquet Academy at its headquarters in Rastatt, Germany. Today, the Academy features two fully-equipped, hybrid operating rooms. In recent years, new showrooms and training centres have been built around the world to showcase the latest in surgical equipment technology. The new facility in Kobe is equipped with a full line-up of Maquet products, a fully integrated Philips angiography system and a series of Barco MDSC-2124 surgical displays.

“Maquet strives to be recognised as The Gold Standard for therapeutic medical equipment and we are glad to team up with Barco, whom we consider a leader in the field of medical imaging in Japan,” said Fumio Takanashi, product sales and marketing surgical workplaces at Maquet. “I am delighted to demonstrate Barco’s displays in our new Maquet Academy in Kobe.”

“We are proud that Maquet, an important player in the surgical market, has selected Barco displays for their state-of-the-art showroom here in Japan,” said Marc G Poot, vice president, sales Asia-Pacific at Barco Healthcare. “I am confident this new state-of-the-art Maquet Academy will be a great way of demonstrating Maquet and Barco’s innovation and best-in-class solutions.”

Barco’s 24in widescreen MDSC-2124 surgical display features a bright, high-resolution LCD panel that provides surgeons with panoramic views and excellent depth perception. With its broad input connectivity, the display offers a versatile solution for HD endoscopy cameras, room and boom cameras, ultrasound, PACS and patient information. Enhanced with Barco’s image processing algorithms, such as motion adaptive de-interlacing and noise reduction, the MDSC-2124 is sad to deliver artifact- and lag-free images at all times, at the fastest image transmission available today. This is vital for precise hand-eye co-ordination during endoscopic and surgical procedures.

Increasing concerns about healthcare-associated infections require stringent infection control policies and procedures in hospitals and especially operating suites. Barco’s MDSC displays have therefore been designed with a sealed, aluminium housing which offers protection against ingress of liquid, dust and other substances and makes them easy to clean and disinfect. The fan-less design avoids the spread of contaminants in the sterile field, while the anti-reflective front cover protects the LCD against damage from intensive use. The MDSC also has an integrated cable cover to avoid unwanted removal of the cables.