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AV distributor Maverick launches new website

The Selador Series – which also includes the high-output colour mixing Vivid – will be handled by ETC’s distribution and dealer networks. Selador luminaires will be sold in the US immediately and are expected to be introduced to the European market in early summer.

According to ETC, the Selador Color System is an ideal complement to its control products. Indeed, the company has already integrated colour matching and HSI control of Selador products into the latest software releases for ETC’s Eos and Congo lighting control desks.

ETC’s marketing manager, David Lincecum, told II: “LED luminaires are something a lot of lighting designers are looking at in order to reduce their energy use. Until now, the technology has not been good enough to provide a good colour range across the whole spectrum; however, with the x7 Color System we can achieve excellent coverage across a much broader range of the visible spectrum than conventional RGB designs. Especially when used in combination with a much reduced number of conventional tungsten lighting, such as that offered by ETC Source Four luminaires, we can now achieve very pleasing results.”