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Our April digital edition springs to life

Since our last digital edition went live a few things have happened: Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt took place, Facebook swallowed up yet another company for billions (however this particular company was a bit closer to home), and Easter – a time synonymous with spring, chocolate and new life – has moved from being around the corner to more prominently in sight. Our April digital edition is available for your sight right now – here’s a round up of what it has to offer.

Lifelike images and audio are both central to the unified communications feature in our April edition. Steve Montgomery reveals three key operations that should be top of the list for any UC system to set it apart from free services such as Skype.

Several companies approached Prolight + Sound a little differently this year, find out the theme that got Paddy Baker and James McGrath talking in our review of the Frankfurt show.

Ever wondered what the difference is between a tiled display and a videowall? Well Ian McMurray goes to great lengths to clear up any confusion between the two terminologies, as well as uncovering key drivers in the tiled display market and possible threats to this particular segment of display technologies as well.

David Davies’ feature on concert venues looks at how different sized venues can effectively kit out their spaces with the right loudspeaker solution.

Think that choosing the wrong cabling and connector won’t affect the finished article? James McGrath helps you think again with his low down on some quality cabling and connector solutions available on the market.

These days museum attractions are full of digital technology enhancing the experiences for visitors, but who is developing and testing the technology to make it the best it can be? Well, our primary solutions piece this month comes from the University of Birmingham’s Digital Humanities Hub, which has just had a very intelligent AV system installed to help it understand and research effective methods of using digital technologies to facilitate learning experiences.

Other highlights of the mag include Paddy Baker’s interview with Virginia Cheng, managing director at BenQ, who talks DLP domination.

As well as introducing you to the InstallAwards finalists, we’ve also revealed the keynote speaker for our September one-day expo and conference, InstallMarket, and showcase a host of new products. Our preview of PLASA Focus: Leeds is also something that shouldn’t be missed should you have intentions of going to the show.