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Analog Way acquires Picturall

Analog Way has announced the acquisition of Finnish media server manufacturer Picturall.

With Picturall manufacturing high performance media servers and Analog Way a producer of high-end video processors, the objective of the acquisition is to merge the core competencies into new turnkey solutions. It will also strengthen Analog Way’s position as a market leader in the design and manufacturing of mission critical high-performance presentation solutions.

“We are pleased to welcome Picturall‘s team in the Analog Way group,” stated Analog Way CEO, Adrien Corso. “They are young veterans of the media server industry and genuine experts of media management technologies. We are proud to expand our product portfolio with Picturall’s media server solutions. Their reputation for reliability and high performance perfectly aligns with our product development philosophy. Complementarity between our product platforms and applications shall offer us tremendous opportunities to better serve our customer base.”

“Picturall’s acquisition is not merely expanding our product portfolio, it will ultimately enable us to deliver unparalleled audiovisual experiences across multiple AV sectors,” added Jay Gonzalez, Analog Way president of the Americas.

“These are exciting times for our company,” said Samuli Valo, co-founder and CEO of Picturall. “We are delighted to become part of the Analog Way team. We have known Analog Way for a long time and have always been impressed by their technical excellence and inspiring professionalism. Our teams share the same human values and passion for technology: this is key for long-term success.”

“Picturall media servers will benefit from Analog Way’s reputation, expertise and investment capacity,” added Vesa Laasanen, co-founder of Picturall. “Analog Way’s sales and service network shall afford us access to markets not currently being tapped or highly underserved. Our engineers are already envisioning a plethora of ideas for new products. Joining Analog Way will most certainly allow us to jump to the next level.”

From now on, Analog Way, their business partners and major distributors will progressively start promoting Picturall products and technologies as a new part of their core offering.