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First UltraHD Quadview classroom from Tekvox

Installation Staff 14 September 2017

The world’s first Tekvox UltraHD Quadview classroom has been delivered, installed and is fully operational at Lone Star College in Houston, Texas. The college’s Tomball Campus is the inaugural customer for the collaborative classroom solution, and plans call for more UltraHD Quadview classrooms.

“Lone Star College has made the decision to add the groundbreaking UltraHD Quadview collaborative classroom solution from Tekvox as the campus technology standard for collaborative classrooms. We are very pleased with the result and already have additional rooms scheduled to be installed and more in the planning phase on our six campuses,” says Butch Juelg, associate vice chancellor, Technology Services for Lone Star College.

“Tekvox’s drop-in solution delivery method makes it very easy to deploy our standard room configurations in a highly cost effective manner,” adds Juelg.

The UltraHD Quadview Collaborative Classroom is composed of four student huddle pods each equipped with Tekvox’s 4K Quadview technology. The stations are interconnected through a powerful instructor podium, which provides state-of-the-art interactive teaching and collaboration capabilities.

The system operates in two modes: Instructor or Student. In Instructor mode the instructor decides what the content is and what is shown on the large screen monitor and student displays. The instructor can even select a Student Pod to send to all of the other student displays. In Student mode a student can fully operate his own student station and collaborate with others by selecting the Quadview mode on the student station touchscreen controller.

“Lone Star College is a pioneer in embracing new technology to enhance the learning environment, and we are proud to serve their mission with innovative, leading-edge solutions,” says Jim Reinhart, CEO of Tekvox. “Lone Star College not only drives innovation in technology but also demands solutions that are cost-effective and can scale with their footprint and growth. As a result, we are pioneering new technology together and are leading the industry’s most ambitions assault on Total Cost of Ownership by tackling all factors, including hardware, software, system integration, installation and maintenance,” he reports.

For more information about Tekvox, visit its website.
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