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QuixScan AI thermal detectors set to help businesses reopen

Line of temperature screening solutions aimed at keeping staff and customers safe

AITD Technologies, Inc (trading as QuixScan) has introduced a line of AI Thermal Detectors aimed at keeping staff and patrons safe and getting businesses, schools, fitness centres and restaurants back to something approaching business as usual. QuixScan AITD-720 is a hands-free, touchless thermal scanning device that detects body temperature in under half a second.

Available as a wall mounted, desktop, or pedestal unit, the AITD-720 boasts mask detection capability, and customisable temperature threshold settings and use a Linux based operating system with an easy plug and play setup over Wi-Fi or ethernet. Its user-friendly interface supports easy reporting complete with SMS and email notifications.

“QuixScan’s algorithm provides cutting-edge facial recognition and body temperature detection,” said AITD Technologies, Inc president, Edmond Khanian. “These units can be used as a tool to follow the CDC guidelines, and offer confidence to staff and patrons entering your facility. We see many applications for these devices – literally any high-traffic public venue can benefit from these units.”

Steve Gorski, vice president added: “This touchless system can be a stand-alone unit, or fully integrated into your access control systems, including security and employee time clock systems. We’re proud to bring an extra layer of protection for your facility and help protect your most valuable assets – your people. It’s user friendly and easy to install, and more importantly, it offers peace of mind with a broad reporting system complete with SMS and email notifications.”