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Western Union chooses BrightSign players for 40 locations

Payment services provider Western Union International Bank now provides its customers with real-time currency exchange figures and advertising courtesy of BrightSign XD solid state digital signage players driving NEC screens.

Western Union International Bank, a leader in payment services, is using 58 BrightSign XD solid state digital signage players to automate the display of exchange rates in its 40 German and Austrian branches.

The new solution – which is said to be the first European installation of the new top-of-the-line PC-class BrightSign XD1230 player to be announced – also schedules advertising content onto the same screens.

The bank required a solution that would show the constantly-changing exchange rates instantly – automatically updating content as soon as they changed in the bank’s point of sale system.

“Additional objectives were to improve the customer experience in our branches, provide our branches with a more modern and up to date appearance and to use the same screens to promote other services,” commented Thomas Zraunig, project manager at Western Union International Bank.

The new solution also needed to distribute content via the cloud, and to upload and distribute exchange rates from a text of XML file.

The evaluation of possible solutions would also take into account Internet bandwidth and, according to Western Union International Bank, the BrightSign players led on this metric too.

BrightSign’s German distributor COMM-TEC supplied the bank with 58 BrightSign XD1230 players. These were integrated by German-based digital signage and interactive technology developer xplace to drive NEC 40in HD LCD monitors in all 40 branches.

Zraunig configured and programmed the players using BrightAuthor – a free software solution available with all BrightSign players to create, publish and network presentations with ease.

The bank uses the BrightSign Network to schedule advertisements during the day. In the evening when the branch closes, the entire screen is devoted to advertising. Each branch has its own opening hours, and we are able to program the players to react accordingly. The advertising displayed varies according to the region in which the branch is located.

“We’d like to offer our customers the opportunity to interact with the signage using touch screens,” Zraunig commented. “This will allow us to provide new services and improve the customer experience. We are also getting a lot of interest from third parties interested in using the screens to deliver their advertising. Ultimately, we believe that the digital signage system can become self-funding.”