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Video: Metallica wows crowds with autonomous indoor drone display

Video: Metallica wow crowds with world's first live autonomous indoor drone display for a major act

Video: Metallica wow crowds with world’s first live autonomous indoor drone display for a major act 

Rock band Metallica kicked off their 2017 European tour last month, wowing crowds with what is being described as the world’s first indoor autonomous drone performance in a major act.

The band, who are promoting the release of new album “Hardwired…to Self-Destruct,” have built a new stage and set design to create, what it calls a more “immersive experience,” for fans.

The set included the use of 100 micro ‘Lucie’ drones – which took flight during the bands new single “Moth into Flame.” Drone swarm into several formations above the band, creating a new and innovative LED lighting performance.

Lucie drones weigh 50g each and have a flight time of up to four minutes.

Set designers TAIT Towers, a self proclaimed market leader in creating, designing and engineering equipment for the live events, partnered with drone show specialists Verity Studios for the performance.

The set also incorporates 52 LED video cubes which ascend and descend while displaying colourful, vivid and flashy video content. The LED video cubes hang from 52 BT2 290 winches housed in a 60 ft. by 60 ft. mother grid rigging system above stage. With TAIT Navigator, an automation control platform serving as the primary show control system, each 4 ft. LED video cube moves 4 ft. per second and has 40 ft. of vertical travel space.