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Vizrt revises product offering with Flexible Access

"Friction-free" subs model lets customers pay for what they need when they need it

Vizrt has announced a move to a “fiction-free” subscription model, which the company says will give its customers the flexibility to adapt to meet rapidly changing business needs.

Flexible Access is made up of five suites which the company believes will provide a new and simplified way for customers to adapt their content production software tools, and scale up and down to meet rapidly changing production needs. They are:

  • Vizrt Newsroom
  • Vizrt Extended Reality (XR)
  • Vizrt Production Control
  • Vizrt Media Workflow
  • Vizrt Channel Branding

According to Vizrt CEO and president Michael Hallén, this new model will enable the company to partner with its customers and put content first.

The idea is that Vizrt will “shoulder some of the risk in live production solutions,” Hallén explained, and will bill customers for what they need when they need it. He added the company sees Flexible Access as an “innovative way of partnering with customers.”

“We have been talking to customers throughout 2020 trying to understand what they are prioritising and they are well on board this bandwagon,” Hallen told Installation sister publication TVBEurope. “They are telling us flexibility is more important than price these days.”

Dr Andrew Cross, Vizrt’s president of global research and development added: “Flexible Access has been driven by customer needs and understanding of what they happening in the market. Everyone is introducing more media which means they need to scale up production. It’s a reflection of what we see happening in the market.”

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