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Stark Raving Solutions changes name to AVDOXA

AVDOXA Design Experience Group better reflects company's mission, service and expertise in meeting the media needs of its clients

Stark Raving Solutions, innovative designer of audio, video and lighting (AVL) systems, has changed its name to AVDOXA Design Experience Group to better reflect its mission, service and expertise in meeting the media needs of its clients.

Founded in 2001, the Kansas City-based AVDOXA provides complete AVL systems for new facilities, upgrades for buildings that are remodelling or expanding, and the integration of new technology such as digital audio and high-definition video.

“Our company has grown, changed hands and evolved into what it is today — an AVL design experience group dedicated to being the best in the business, known for its expertise and responsive, attentive customer service,” said president and CEO Greg Davis. “The name change emphasises what, how and why we do what we do.”

According to Davis, AV stands for audio-visual experience, the crux of AVDOXA’s business. DOXA, a liturgical expression for glory, hearkens back to the company’s roots working with churches as its first clients.

“The X in our new name does double-duty to represent ‘experience’ both in terms of the AVL experience created and the years of experience our team shares with clients,” Davis said. “The experience matters.”

Stark Raving Solutions — now AVDOXA — has expanded from its initial base of religious organisations to deliver transformative AVL experiences to corporations, small to mid-size businesses, churches and other nonprofit organisations. AVDOXA serves clientele across North America and internationally.