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Austrian opera invests in brighter future with Robe lighting

World-renowned Vienna State Opera House invested in FORTE lighting system

The world-renowned Vienna State Opera House in Austria – also home to the Vienna State Ballet – has invested in ten new Robe FORTE HCR LED luminaires moving lights and four FORTE HCR FollowSpots, which work in conjunction with a customised RoboSpot control system – selecting the high CRI LED engine option, which uses Robe’s unique TE (TRANSFERABLE ENGINE) technology which allows different engines to be used in the same fixtures.

The Robe luminaires – delivered via Robe’s Austrian distributor Signal – replace the old manual-focus generic FOH tungsten fixtures with brighter, more adaptable, and more sustainable lights, and have upgraded the traditional follow spots in the 1,709 seat and 560 standing capacity Renaissance Revival styled venue.

With a throw distance of 50 metres to the stage from the FOH positions, they needed the most powerful and the quietest fixtures. All other options tested were either too physically large, too noisy, or not bright enough. The HCR LED engine version FORTES were required for achieving perfect skin tones, for the “excellent colour” rendering and “fantastic” range of tuneable whites.

The fact that the FOH gallery lights no longer have to be manually focussed means valuable between-production changeover times can be saved by having moving lights, and that the system is hugely more flexible for accommodating the needs of all productions.