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Vending machines become digital signage with 3M

3M's touch screen technology is to be integrated into tobacco vending machines, allowing them to act as digital signage displays.

3M has announced that its touch screen displays are being incorporated to allow tobacco vending machines to also act as digital signage points. Manufactured by Spanish company Azkoyen Industrial, the machines will be installed in hotels, bars and restaurants world-wide.

Azkoyen is integrating 17-inch 3M MicroTouch Display C1700SS enclosure monitors into its advanced Argenta In-Touch 88 Series of products allowing promotional videos to be played whilst the machines are idle and providing a robust, friendly, interface for customers. The screen is used not only to select the desired tobacco product, but also for delivering focused campaigns and front-panel advertisements. In addition, technical operators can interact with the graphical interface in order to update product selections, promos and video content.

“Using touch technology has helped us achieve our goals of eye-catching, avant-garde design, with aesthetics that are perfectly complemented by the security and robustness of each machine,” said Eduardo Andueza Ciriza, purchasing manager of Azkoyen. “We evaluated several alternatives and 3M proved the most competitive offer to meet our robustness and vandal-resistance requirements.”

3M MicroTouch Display C1700SS has a rugged metal enclosure which provides a stable mount and protects the LCD from damage – vital considerations for manufacturers of vandalism-prone machines deployed in public places. The display is also unaffected by UV light and provides 91.5 per cent light transmission, which is important in bar and restaurant environments.

The display combines a thin profile with multiple mounting options, meaning it can support space constrained enclosure designs. Back-mounted display controls are accessible, even with the monitor sitting flush to the face of the enclosure, which improves aesthetics of the integration. A user-installable bezel is an optional extra for applications that need a more finished appearance.