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BenQ launches new wireless meeting room solution

InstaShow WDC30 enterprise-level presentation system complies with Fintech security regulations

BenQ has announced the InstaShow WDC30 enterprise-level wireless presentation system, built to “meet and exceed” the UK financial industry’s stringent procurement standards and regulations. Equipped with enterprise-grade security of AES 128-bit encryption, WPA3 authentication and Common Criteria EAL6+ certification, the InstaShow WDC30 is said to enable “smooth” wireless presentations and “efficient” meeting productivity with “flawless” audiovisual mirroring quality, and also Wi-Fi 6 transmission connectivity.

Key product highlights are:

  • Wi-Fi 6 Hardware base true driver, free Plug & Play covers up to a 30-metre distance
  • Certified Encryption for international security standards
  • Cisco Room Kit validated
  • Up to 4K 60Hz output for crystal clear image
  • Dual Display for 8 split screen/dual output
  • PC/Mobile projection cross-OS platform usage
  • Auto Channel Selection to reduce cloudy Wi-Fi interference
  • Remote touchback for collaboration

“InstaShow WDC30 incorporates future-proof technologies and guarantees high level of data security as businesses across the UK re-engage in both in-person and remote or hybrid meetings,” said Royce Lye, managing director of BenQ UK & Ireland. “In recent years, many companies have faced dangerous data breaches, resulting from unsecured wireless devices being targeted by highly intricate cyber-attacks.

“Today’s widely adopted industry standard security is CC EAL4, however BenQ have gone above and beyond that by investing significant additional resources to achieve a security assurance level of EAL6+, thus meeting the highest standards for data protection, predominantly needed in sensitive industries such as the financial services sector.”

The InstaShow WDC30 provides wireless presentation capability for up to 64 participants, and features AES-128 encryption, WPA3 authentication and CC EAL 6+ security assurance, to safeguard sensitive corporate information and intellectual property against tampering or unintended disclosure.

Equipped with the industry’s only Wi-Fi 6 router with WPA3 authentication integrated into the presentation system, InstaShow WDC30 provides “ultrafast” bidirectional transfer rates, enabling four-way split screens (from up to eight source devices) and 4K audio-visual playback up to 60 frames per second for instant collaboration.

WDC30’s on board Qualcomm router-level chipset creates high-speed zones to handle multiband mixed media traffic, internally isolating and automatically selecting optimal Wi-Fi channels via CCA (Clear Channel Assessment) for stable wireless transmission up to 30 metres, ensuring pure presentation clarity for smooth meetings in small spaces, as well as in larger conference rooms.

Completely plug-and-play with zero drivers required, InstaShow WDC30 natively supports HDCP and is fully compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android mobile devices, tablets and laptops. In addition, WDC30 provides HID touchback capability and a mobile projection on/off hot key for meetings’ hosts to efficiently manage content traffic flow, by allowing only authorised casting from button users.

Thoroughly certified to withstand over 12,000 cable connections in bending tests, the WDC30 InstaShow button is coated with a nano-ionic silver formula to eliminate germs upon contact.