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TriplePlay navigates the digital signage ‘minefield’

As part of Installation’s May TechSpotlight, we spoke to digital signage and IP specialist TriplePlay and its marketing manager, James Keen. He gave us a break down of how the industry is currently shaping up.

Technology is evolving to suit the needs of the digital signage industry, from the new 4K definition to 3D and facial recognition technology, but the most exciting prospect for Keen is the introduction of workflow management, which opens doors to simpler running of systems.

“The introduction of workflow management into digital signage is long overdue in many cases,” said Keen. “And now means that companies utilising signage can have more confidence in the solution and can introduce proper procedures and practices for its implementation.”

Despite pointing out that the digital signage market is saturated, likening it to a minefield for any integrator looking to navigate the huge varieties of solution currently on offer, Keen delivered three key areas integrators need to look at when entering the digital signage world:

1. The IPTV factor: integrators should: ‘Find out how simple it is to integrate IPTV into a digital signage solution,” said Keen. “As invariably the two needs overlap.”

2. Limit your options: find a couple of solution options but don’t complicate your portfolio with too many. Find manufacturers that offer you great support and differing products ensuring you can cater to any clients’ needs.

3.Engineer quality: Installers need to be of the highest quality: “digital signage only looks as good as the display it is broadcast, get the technology right, get the personnel right.”

It’s fair enough providing us an insight into what work best for digital signage needs, but what’s causing the main issues? According to Keen, more time needs to be given to content creation and system management. In the initial stages of a project, integrators and solutions providers are too distracted by the technology rather than the material that provides the key messages that are integral to the buyer’s forward plans with the system.

“A solid content plan is needed ensuring there is a stakeholder in the project from each department that will be involved in providing information for the signage system,” commented Keen.

Check out one of TriplePlay’s most recent digital signage installation at The SSE Hydro – an Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games venue.