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Trial demonstrates effectiveness of interactive digital signage

Touchscreen was found to be the most preferred method of interaction, and over half the consumers surveyed preferred to use their phones to continue interaction with brands.

Consumers who took part in a landmark UK interactive digital signage trial, devised by out of home advertising company Clear Channel and out of home media company Kinetic, are said to have demonstrated high levels of engagement, long dwell times and an appetite for further interaction.

The trial, which ran for two weeks, analysed consumer interaction with an interactive advertising panel on a busy London high street. The panel featured a range of technologies including touchscreen, gesture control, gender recognition, facial recognition and smartphone interaction.

The trial attracted over 2,000 interactions from a wide range of consumers. The findings provide unique insights into how the public want to interact with OOH advertising. The study investigated what makes consumers engage with interactive OOH, how it deepens the conversation with advertisers, how the overall experience becomes more rewarding for consumers and their preference for sharing information with advertisers.

Key findings were:

* Consumers found interacting with an OOH advert positive and fun with 92% of participants agreeing interaction makes an advert stand out more. 82% also say interactivity makes an advert more engaging

* 8 in 10 participants believe interactive OOH advertising is a good way for brands to talk to people.

* 90% agree interactivity and consumer involvement makes an advert more effective in capturing people’s attention

* Touchscreen was the most appealing method to initially interact with 78% more likely to choose touchscreen

* Over half of consumers prefer to use their mobile phone to leave details or as an option to continue the conversation with brands

* 93% of participants said they are likely to notice an interactive OOH advert in the future with 3 in 4 likely to interact again.

“We work in partnership with our clients to deliver engaging, innovative campaigns which deliver tangible media benefits as well as fame and standout,” said Neil Chapman, Head of Create at Clear Channel. “With a growing demand for interactive OOH advertising, it is important for us to be able to help brands create content appropriately and harness this powerful medium to maximise their return.”

“This research has helped cement our knowledge of the whole interactive experience and, added to our other insights in this area, helps us truly understand the roles touch, motion capture and mobile activation play in the communication process,” said Nick Mawditt, Director of Marketing and Insight at Kinetic.