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Tech Guide: Why buy Biamp System’s Tesira Beamtracking Microphone?

Just the facts. A straight-to-the-point guide detailing what you need to know about some of the latest AV tech releases, without the tech jargon kept to a minimum

Product type: Microphone
Target market: Integrators, distributors, consultants, and IT decision-makers looking for microphones that cover a wide area with little to no setup required.

What’s new? Biamp has developed the industry’s first beamtracking microphone that guarantees audio accuracy and clarity at all points in the room. This is because its microphone tracks talkers not only as they move around, but even when they change elevation by sitting or standing.

Details: Requiring little to no setup or tuning, Biamp’s beamtracking microphones intelligently mix conversations from around the table, allowing far-end conference participants to experience a more natural-sounding conversation.

Comprising a pendant microphone and plenum box, each microphone is designed with three 120-degree zones – providing full 360-degree coverage of the meeting space.

Three variations of the AVB Beamtracking Ceiling Microphone are available:

TCM-1, which includes its own DSP for beamforming and signal tracking

TCM-1A, which includes all of the features of the TCM-1 and adds a 2-channel PoE+ amplifier in the plenum box

TCM-1EX, which is used exclusively for daisy-chaining

Available: Now, with the first customer shipment scheduled for Q2 2018.
Where can I buy?
Price: Please contact your Biamp representative