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South Korean church renovates with NEXT-proaudio system

Pohang First Presbyterian church in Pohang city, South Korea, has recently installed a NEXT-proaudio LA12 line array system as part of renovations to mark the 110th anniversary of the church.

The system was installed in the church’s main sanctuary by AVIX, the Korean distributor for NEXT-proaudio. The main requirement of the new system was to achieve high SPL, high sound fidelity and speech intelligibility throughout the 2,500-seat venue.

The system comprises of 10 NEXT LA12 line array speakers, custom painted in ivory to match the church interior, with four NEXT LAs218 subwoofers for the main hang on each hang for the left and right side over the stage.

Four LAs218 are flown behind LA12 cabinets, four NEXT X12 full-range speakers were used as front fills and choir fill with eight NEXT X8 for under balcony and NEXT X10 for upper balcony. Four NEXT LAm112x were placed as monitor speakers.

Five NEXT MQ10000 amplifiers powering the main speakers (low and medium frequencies), five NEXT MA2300 amplifiers for main speakers High Frequencies and four NEXT MD14000 amplifiers were also used for subwoofers with four NEXT DP260 and one NEXT DP240 DSP processors. For all upper and under balcony systems were used two MA2300 and two MA3200 amps power and one MQ10000 for monitor.

For the installation and tuning, Antonio Correia, CEO and R&D manager of NEXT-proaudio, flew from Portugal with Tiago Correia, sound engineer from NEXT-proaudio, and they offered the installation and tuning. Correia explained: “The system serves perfectly for the worship service. It performs great at any level and is consistent even as the level is pushed, with contemporary services running in proper dBA range.”