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A sign of the times: Preview of ISE’s Digital Signage Summit conference

Digital Signage Summit (DSS) ISE conference is a source of unique market intelligence – more valuable than ever in an industry that is undergoing significant changes

The second Digital Signage Summit (DSS) ISE conference is a source of unique market intelligence – more valuable than ever in a digital signage industry that is undergoing significant changes

The digital signage industry is living in interesting times – there are many drivers of change operating in the market. This means that understanding how the industry is changing, and how to respond, is more important than ever.

DSS ISE is returning to Amsterdam after its successful debut last year. It’s a half-day conference that’s been optimised to deliver exclusive market intelligence and unparalleled networking opportunities, while leaving enough time to discover the ISE exhibition.

The conference is organised jointly by Integrated Systems Events and invidis consulting, one of Europe’s leading digital signage consultants. The pair are also responsible for Digital Signage Summit Europe, the leading strategy event for digital signage and digital out of home (DOOH), which has been held annually in Munich since 2007.

Florian Rotberg, managing director of invidis consulting and conference chairman, comments: “The conference will largely focus on the evolutionary shift in the digital signage value chain. A key question that will be debated is: what are the future roles of systems integrators, software suppliers, display vendors and other ecosystem partners?”

Among the topics under discussion will be a trend that is challenging the existing solution offerings of systems integrators: 360° retail experiences that demand holistic and fully connected digital solutions. “The customer journey is in focus,” says Rotberg “and digital touchpoints need to be seamlessly integrated with mobile, online and other digital media.”

From the shopping window to the shelf, from the fitting room to check-out – the customer journey needs to be seamless across various IT and retail systems. “Stationary retail needs to offer experiences to distinguish itself from online,” he says, “and digital touch points play a key role in enabling stores to be more experiential and unique.”

It’s also vital that digital signage and electronic shelf labels (ESLs) need to connect with back-office systems for an omnichannel offering. With the growing implementation of dynamic pricing online – where web-based retailers instantly change their prices in response to changes in the sales environment – bricks and mortar retailers are looking to ESLs to enable them to do the same. “We’re seeing real growth in ESLs, particularly in consumer electronics and food,” he observes. “Amazon changes the prices of certain products up to 100 times a week, and consumer electronics retailers especially have already looked – or will begin to look – at ESLs to enable them to compete with online.”

The main discussion topics at DSS ISE will be:

  • Connecting: Systems Integrators – Consolidating
    the Market.A view across the pond: how Stratacache and Diversified are changing the market and what effect this has on the EMEA markets
  • Content: Software – Commodity vs Specialist: Are Adobe and Google taking over the market? How established digital signage software players need to adapt to the changes of an increasingly commoditised market
  • Computing: The Future of Media Players: Built-in SoC-media players have been in the market for more than five years. But they haven’t really moved the needle. What should we expect from the likes of Samsung and LG, what role do PC-based platforms play, and what are the alternatives?
  • Content/Complementing: Beyond pure technology, how added services like content, scent and sound can complement digital signage as part of the 360° customer experience

An impressive speaker roster of over a dozen leading digital signage and DOOH experts has been assembled for this event, including:

  • John Melillo, president, Digital Media Group, Diversified
  • Mark Grady, head of Chrome channel – EMEA, Google
  • Jerome Moeri, CEO, Navori
  • Damian Crowhurst, business director, Samsung Electronics Europe.

The Digital Signage Summit ISE takes place on Wednesday 7 February from 09:30 to 14:00 in room E102. Tickets are €200, or €130 for AVIXA and CEDIA members.