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Sharp expands 4K BIG PAD range upwards with 80in model

Sharp has announced the launch of its 80in 4K BIG PAD interactive display, offering a greater choice of sizes in its flagship range.

Sharp has announced the launch of its flagship 80in 4K BIG PAD interactive display, offering a greater choice of sizes in its range.

The PN-80TH5 makes it easy to view large amounts of detailed information, such as technical drawings, maps or spreadsheets, thanks to a range of features that support working with content at UHD resolution. Sharp’s UV²A LCD technology enables the PN-80TH5 to offer true 4K reading, truly bright whites and extreme dark blacks, for high contrast and image clarity.

The PN-80TH5 offers 4K writing with Sharp’s Pen Software optimised for 4K UHD resolution and fast and accurate 30-point P-CAP Capacitive Touch. For additional precision, palm rejection ensures no unintended marks are made on the screen when writing, and the four-button active pen with 2mm stylus tip provides seamless annotation. 

All Sharp BIG PAD displays offer a Pen-on-Paper experience, which describes how writing on a BIG PAD with your finger or pen feels close to using a real pen on writing paper. The intuitive touch experience means that users feel more confident when teaching or presenting.

Christopher Parker, senior product manager, said: “Our BIG PAD interactive displays are known for their best in class touch performance and unparalleled reliability. The range includes something for every type of usage, and now with the addition of the 80in 4K BIG PAD we can offer a solution for specialised applications who work with technical content on a large scale, where precise writing and exceptional ease-of-use is critical.”

Award-winning architectural and design firm Zaha Hadid Architects chose to invest in Sharp’s 4K BIG PAD interactive display for its ultra-high resolution. Paulo Flores, associate director, explained: “Sharpness is something very important to us, because that is how we define the crispness of geometry, how the images are perceived in meetings.” The BIG PAD display has also improved how quickly the team can work; Flores said: “it increases communication, people can come together around the screen at once. Sketches can become part of the discussion immediately.”

For advanced solution requirements, the PN-80TH5 has an integrated Mini OPS extension slot to add extra functions, such as inserting an HDBaseT module to provide a solution to long distance cable data distribution, or a Wireless Board for easy BYOD screen sharing without the need for any cables.