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Sennheiser unveils world’s first digital wireless speech mic at ISE

SpeechLine Digital Wireless, claimed to be the world’s first wireless digital microphone designed exclusively for speech applications, was unveiled by Sennheiser at ISE 2015. The microphones are optimised for speech, particularly for business applications, and are easy to install, with automatic frequency and interference management

“This is our next big thing for the corporate market. It will change the usage of wireless microphones,” claimed Kai Tossing, portfolio manager, Sennheiser Business Communication. “We’ve built in major RF and audio knowledge, so the user doesn’t have to do anything.” It will even automatically adjust the gain levels to ensure maximum clarity.

“We wanted to make the best speech microphone we’ve ever done,” with speech optimised microphone capsules and audio processing algorithms.

The microphone selection includes: a lightweight handheld model with batteries rechargeable via Micro USB; and a body pack transmitter that comes with a Lavalier microphone or a very sleek, all metal head set. “It’s really nice to wear. It only weighs 7g.”

The bi-directional receiver recognises if the frequency has any problems and automatically (and seamlessly) changes to a cleaner frequency. Optimum intelligibility is enhanced by selectable sound profiles and sound processing algorithms, including presets for bass-intensive male voices or high female voices.

The systems, which will ship in June, operate in the license-free, future-proof 1.9GHz band, with 256-bit AES encryption, and will start from about €849 for a microphone, receiver, battery and rack mount or mobile transportation case.