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Samsung showcases world’s thinnest bezel videowall at CES 2016

Samsung has unveiled a range of new products at CES 2016 including what is claimed to be the world’s thinnest bezel to bezel videowall as the company looks to showcase how visual displays will transform the entertainment, business and retail sectors of the future.

“Today’s display customers want a wealth of clear, engaging and readily-accessible information at their fingertips, whether they are mastering video games or evaluating products at their favourite stores,” said Seog-gi Kim, senior VP of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Our cutting-edge monitors and signage technologies are designed with these consumers in mind, delivering compelling visual content and unlocking new interactive possibilities across a range of business and at-home usage scenarios.”

Samsung’s new UHF-E (Extreme Narrow Bezel) videowall has amplified large-scale message presentation capabilities for business and retail customers. It features a thin bezel-to-bezel design (0.9mm on the upper and left sides and 0.5mm the lower and right sides), and Samsung claims the UHF-E is the world’s slimmest bezel videowall.

The UHF-E videowall is optimised for indoor applications and combines visual quality with the power of professional-grade digital signage. Each UHF-E display undergoes advanced factory tuning to maintain picture integrity and enhance resonance for viewers. An additional embedded ACM chipset adjusts picture content to meet specific colour settings and maintains a uniform presentation. The videowall is designed to perform 24/7, allowing uninterrupted content delivery in various conditions.

Additionally, Samsung has also enhanced its LED Signage offering following growing demand from corporate, retail, entertainment and transportation clients. Samsung LED Signage is designed with top-tier diodes across the range of fine pixel pitch configurations allowing signage viewers to experience the same picture quality as with Samsung’s latest TVs.

At CES 2016, Samsung is also showing how retail-oriented display technologies, including mirror and transparent OLED displays and ultra-thin bezel videowalls, can elevate electronics shopping.

Retailers can use mirror displays to interact and drive point-of-purchase shopping. The displays’ reflectance (65%), high transmittance (90%) and frameless design offer retailers new ways to refine and deliver content.

Samsung’s 55in transparent OLED offers customers complete product visibility in an engaging format. It also allows retailers to deliver demoes and real-time promotional content with improved brightness (150nit), transparency (45%) and colour presentation (Adobe RGB 100%).

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