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Blackdove collaborates with LG to deliver NFT artwork

Ultra-premium display owners will receive five curated pieces from the Blackdove gallery

Blackdove, the digital art gallery, is collaborating with LG Electronics USA to deliver NFT (non-fungible token) artwork directly to LG Direct View LED Extreme Home Cinema displays.

NFTs have rapidly become the dominant medium in the art market. The collaboration between LG and Blackdove will allow patrons to showcase their NFT collections on an in-home art installation. The gallery opines that the “grand scale, colour fidelity and rich contrast” of the LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema displays make them an ideal canvas for NFT artwork. With a range of sizes and aspect ratios from 81 to 325in, 2K to 8K, including dual width configuration options, these displays can, says Blackdove, “create immersive experiences without an invasive and time-consuming custom design and configuration process”.

LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema owners will have instant access to five NFTs from the Blackdove collection, selected by Blackdove curator Jess Conatser to showcase the breadth of styles and subject matter available from the gallery. Including works by Johnathan McCabeFranck Lefebvre, and Jamie Scott, this NFT capsule collection will cater to a variety of spaces and aesthetics.

“We want collectors to understand the value of the art form, and we want artists to have access to the best displays possible,” said Conatser. “To that end, we’ve hand-selected unique, tokenised artworks that celebrate the diverse range of styles and techniques found across new media from both emerging and established artists. This partnership with LG will showcase the beauty of digital art, propelling the medium forward and shaping the future of living with digital art as NFTs.”

Dan Smith, LG Electronics USA’s vice president in charge of DVLED displays, added: “Working with Blackdove to deliver unique digital art to the LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema was a natural fit for LG because we know the transformational power of their NFT art collection. LG has worked with Blackdove in the past to create fine art installations at galleries and art festivals around the globe. Now, with Blackdove on these luxury residential displays, we can bring the same kind of incredible visual experience into the home.”

Blackdove is integrated with the LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema out of the box, with no additional hardware required. Blackdove offers LG dealers complimentary technical support during software and optional subscription setup. Users who wish to purchase or subscribe to additional works from the Blackdove gallery can also consult with Blackdove’s curation team free of charge.

Users can manage their digital art catalog, including any privately owned NFTs, through the Blackdove app, available on iOS, Android, LG’s webOS platform, or the Web. Blackdove also has direct integrations with leading home automation software providers, including Control4, Crestron, and Savant.

For those seeking to expand their NFT collection, Blackdove offers fine art NFTs for sale and monthly rental, as well as subscription-based access to a cloud-based gallery of over 4,000 pieces. Collectors can also leverage Blackdove’s artist relationships to commission original works. Blackdove subscribers can access and display their personal collections on any network-connected display worldwide.