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Prolight + Sound preview – audio companies part 2

Following our earlier preview, here’s the second selection of offerings from audio companies at next week’s Frankfurt event.

KV2 Audio will launch the VHD5.0 Constant Power Point Source Array in Frankfurt. The former flagship KV2 offering, the VHD2.0 Large Format system, could cover more than 10,000 people with just one or two enclosures per side, reports the company. The challenge for George Krampera and his team in building an even larger (50,000+ people) point source system was to “reproduce the low-mid energy that certain line arrays provide though the summing of multiple drivers, while maintaining the key benefits of point source technology, such as minimal destructive interference in the higher frequency range and accurate impulse response”. With the VHD5.0, KV2 claims to have risen to this challenge.

Martin Audio is poised to launch a new loudspeaker product at Prolight + Sound, but is releasing few concrete details ahead of the event. Luke Ireland, managing director, says: “This new product range will feature groundbreaking technology that will further Martin Audio’s credentials as the true innovator in the marketplace and will deliver our customers a clear competitive advantage.”

Pan Acoustics will present its active digitally steerable column-speakers from the Pan Beam series, now ready to go with Dante networking technology.

Sebastian Oeynhausen, product manager of Pan Acoustics, says: “Dante… effectively completes the range of Pan Beam products in addition to our Pan Powerline technology.”

Pan Beam models can be set and monitored via Dante (directivity, EQ, delay and on); switching presets, saved in the Pan Beam column speakers, is also possible.

As part of production house PRG Germany’s LEA awards broadcast and stage set-up, a complete EAW ADAPTive System will be used and will remain in place for the duration of the exhibition. PRG will be holding 10-minute demonstrations of its complete stage audio and lighting set-up every 30 minutes and all the audio will be delivered through EAW’s new Anya and Otto systems.

Pro Audio Technology’s VT20 vertical array loudspeaker is a fully horn-loaded 2-way vertical array 8-ohm loudspeaker with a passive frequency crossover and a horizontal radiation pattern of 90º. The company describes the the horn-loaded 11.5in line array driver as “a physically ideal line source”. Vertical arrays of up to 24 VT20 loudspeakers can be constructed.

In the low range, the VT20 is complemented by the VS18 (18in) and VS28 (2 x 18in) groundstack subwoofers. The flyable VS18F (18in) can be integrated into VT20 arrays or flown as a cardioid bass array next to a VT20 array, which makes a system width of 140 cm.

German manufacturer Voice-Acoustic will present its new HDSP multichannel amplifier series. Models are available in various performance classes from 1,600W up to 16kW into 4 ohms. The DSP-amp (Class D) units are constructed in “modular design with an upside-down layout of the electronics in a stable corrosion-resistant aluminium body housing.” In addition, Voice-Acoustic will present new loudspeaker models including the Paveosub-112 and the -112sp (self-powered version with 4,000W 3-channel DSP amplifier module inside) 12in bass speakers.

Yamaha is promising multiple product launches in multiple categories at Prolight + Sound – including the European debut of the new large-format RIVAGE PM10 digital mixing console, as first seen in Japan late last year.