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ESS Audio networks Polish AV archive with Harman

ESS Audio, Harman Professional’s Polish distributor has provided audio reinforcement at Poland’s National Audiovisual Institute (NInA) in Warsaw.

ESS Audio, Harman Professional’s Polish distributor has provided audio reinforcement for Poland’s National Audiovisual Institute (NInA) in Warsaw. The recently refurbished facility gives visitors access to 10,000 AV materials in its archives, and the NInA servers hold up to 5Pb (Petabytes) of multimedia data.

With the main technology contract awarded to Studiotech, ESS was sub-contracted to deliver audio reinforcement across the entire scope of the operation, including movies and animations, TV and radio programs and a modern video library.

The key attraction at the facility is a multifunctional auditorium/cinema ready for 4K screenings, concerts, and plays, along with a ‘mediatheque’ that includes a collection of AV materials.

To create 3D realism in the cinema, ESS has installed a 40-channel-plus Dolby Atmos cinema system with JBL Atmos-compatible cinema components. These include three JBL 4732 ScreenArrays (in a front L/C/R configuration), three 4642A (front subs), along with 24 JBL 8340A and 10 JBL 8350 on JBL surround mounts. These are powered by two Crown Macro-Tech 5000i amplifiers, two Crown DriveCore Install8I300 amplifiers, two Crown XLi 3500s and eight Crown XLi 1500s. The signals for the L/C/R channels are optimised via three dbx DriveRack 260 signal processors.

Playback equipment for operation when the auditorium is in ‘multifunctional’ mode comprises two JBL four-way Marquis MD49 loudspeakers, driven by a combination of Crown CTs amplifiers, and two compatible JBL STX828S subs are powered by a pair of Crown Macro-Tech 9000i amps.

A new Soundcraft Vi3000 console with Dante networking has been specified for the FOH position, with SDI HD and MADI optical interfaces, while a Soundcraft Si Performer 1 (fitted with MADI and Dante cards) handles monitor mixes, with the FOH linked to the stage position by a Stagebox for both consoles.

Elsewhere, the audio and screening pre-release room is equipped with a 7.1-channel system, configured with three JBL M2 monitors as front channels, plus two LSR6312SP subs, and LSR6332 monitors as surround loudspeakers. These are driven by three Crown I-Tech 5000HD and four Crown XTi 2002 amps.

ESS also constructed a PA system for the corridor and ancillary areas, comprising four JBL Control 8128 on-wall speakers as an extension of the existing 100V line PA system, and eight JBL Control 23Ts in the club, NINATEKA (library of audio and video materials) and conference room. These operate in 100V Hi-Z mode, powered by three JBL CSMA 280 amps. Additionally there are eight JBL AXYS U12 loudspeakers installed in the conference room, which can be divided into two. The videowall in the main room is equipped with two JBL AC16 loudspeakers, driven by a Crown CTS 600 amp and a portable SR system comprises two JBL PRX710 powered loudspeakers mounted on a JBL TRIPOD-MA adjustable speaker tripod stand.

ESS utilised the AKG catalogue for the interpretation system, connected to the digital network, and based on AKG CS5 and CSX systems. These are set in three portable booths with interpreter stations that can be moved around NInA rooms. Interpretations are transmitted through AKG CSX BIR10 transmitter/interface and two IRT3 and one IRT4 infrared radiators. These comprise 120 AKG CSX IRR10 infrared receivers in the multifunctional room, one for each seat, with 150 AKG K20 headphones. As it is on the network bidirectional signals can be received from outside and transmitted through IR.

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