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Pexip releases Infinity 7 videoconferencing software

Pexip, the videoconferencing software company, has announced the release of Pexip Infinity 7.

Videoconferencing software company Pexip has announced the release of Pexip Infinity 7.

“With Pexip Infinity 7, we’re taking virtual conferencing to a new level,” said Simen Teigre, Pexip CEO. “Users can now collaborate on shared content and see participants at the same time, drag-and-drop contacts during calls, and include more users due to our firewall-friendly technology — all while providing the best meeting experience for all users and making virtual meetings as easy as picking up the phone. But that’s not all, we’re also bringing users an all-new suite of client software, making our latest release the company’s most exciting to date.”

The content sharing is done through the bidirectional simultaneous multiparty HD video and screen sharing, and is also compatible with all major web browsers.

The Infinity Connect suite of client software adds another way to join Infinity virtual meeting rooms (VMRs) and make point-to-point calls. Installable on Windows, OS X and Linux environments, and supported natively in WebRTC-enabled browsers such; as Chrome, Firefox and Opera, the clients deliver core features such as; presentation sharing, roster, conference controls and the ability to add/disconnect participants. Meeting organisers send a link to participants in order to connect in real time, allowing any user to collaborate using assets that are already at their fingertips.

The Infinity 7 also adds new features aimed at the administrator. New firewall traversal features enable Pexip Conferencing Nodes to be deployed in a public DMZ or behind a NAT firewall. Additionally, it supports media latching, and the new automatic media overflow feature enables more users to seamlessly connect to the same Pexip VMR.