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Optoma launches flagship dual-laser projector

Optoma has launched its new flagship ProScene ZU850 WUXGA, dual-laser projector, while also announcing the ProScene ZU650+ upgrade.

The Optoma ProScene ZU850 is a WUXGA laser phosphor projector designed for large professional venues including entertainment, auditoriums, museums and houses of worship. It generates 8,000 ANSI lumens brightness and features MultiColor Laser (MCL) technology with both blue and red lasers.

“The ZU850 is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art installation projector offering versatility and reliability for professional environments,” said Brian Soto, head of product management, Optoma Technology. “With an industry-leading laser light source and multiple lens and connectivity options, we are excited to see how professionals embrace the ZU850 in a wide variety of environments.”

In addition, the company is launching an upgraded model to its successful ZU650 projector with the Optoma ProScene ZU650+. This 6,000-lumen WUXGA projector features an improved colour gamut, now reaching Rec.709 colour, providing better edge blending and colour integration.