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A new lens for immersive installs, Dolby Atmos makes Greek debut, software for the 21st century classroom

Our news fest features a new short throw lens from Optoma, Dolby Atmos arrives in Greece, and HoverCam wants to take classrooms into the 21st century...

See immersive installations through a new lens

Projection specialist Optoma has announced what it calls a “trio of solutions” for immersive installations, in the release of its new BX-CTA17 short throw projection lens.

The 0.65-0.75:1 is the latest addition to the company’s U series of interchangeable lenses and will help to expand the capabilities of Optoma’s ZU series of high brightness laser projectors, the company said. The ‘trio’ element is the combination of the projectors, the lens, and the company’s VIOSO-powered content playback, warping and edge blending solution. 

“The new addition to the U series range of lenses will increase the flexibility and useability of the ZU series projectors,” said James Fursse technical product manager at Optoma. “The new short throw lens will simplify installations in tight and confined spaces, making the solution ideal for immersive rooms, museums and any other creative installations”.

Dolby Atmos is missing piece of Greek audio Jigsaw

Fresh from our recent exclusive insight into Dolby’s recent installation at Dean St Studios, we learn of another game-changing Atmos deployment. This time we’re in Greece where media and broadcast specialist Jigsaw24 has delivered the country’s very first Dolby Atmos-approved audio studio in Athens.

Jigsaw, one of just two authorised Dolby Professional Solutions Resellers in the UK, designed and deployed the purpose-built facility for dubbing, subtitling and post production agency Authorwave, and gave advice on how best to use the facility to secure more Dolby Atmos Music commissions.

David ‘Saxon’ Greenep, pro audio consultant at Jigsaw24, oversaw the set-up and pre-calibration of the studio. “Authorwave were totally committed to not only building a brilliant studio, but also doing everything it takes to secure official approval from Dolby,” he said. “This meant it was vital that every aspect of the facility, from its layout to the calibre of equipment fitted throughout, was carefully considered and of the highest possible standard. It was a privilege to work on such a landmark project and provide the Greek audio industry with the country’s first Dolby Atmos-approved studio.”

ClassFusion software platform bringing the classroom into the 21st century

Education technology provider HoverCam has been discussing how the education world has been dramatically changed, and how solutions need to ensure digital learning is ‘intuitive and engaging’ for students.

The company will be showcasing its ClassFusion solution at today’s online Texas K-12 CTO Council’s Virtual Fall Summit, and will demonstrate how the software platform for classroom management and presentation is designed to bring the classroom into the 21st century.

“The education world has changed dramatically, and today’s classroom needs to adapt to digital requirements in real time,” said Bayley Pierson, HoverCam’s director of marketing. “With all the new demands that teachers must engage with because of the Covid-19 pandemic, they can become overwhelmed with managing multiple technologies — new and old — during lessons. To alleviate this, HoverCam has created an all-in-one-platform that will offer educators and students increased resources they desperately need, while being simple and intuitive to use.”

ClassFusion is designed for a fully digital classroom combining digital whiteboard software with its classroom management system. It offers features such as lesson and notes capture; a lesson plan builder with access to a database of over 4 million resources matched to curriculum; vector-based lesson recording to the cloud; and enhanced whiteboarding tools.