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NEC unveils “stunning” 75 inch flagship large format display for mission-critical applications

New MultiSync P754Q display designed to deliver powerful, large-screen visualisation that enables users to deliver their message with impact and seamless simplicity

NEC Display Solutions Europe  has today (August 21) announced the launch of the flagship 75” version of its ultra-high definition (UHD) MultiSyncP Series displays, designed for a range of mission-critical applications.

According to NEC, the new MultiSync P754Q, with its “stunning UHD “pixel-free” viewing capabilities, is perfect for a range of environments and applications from digital signage, public space advertising (DooH), passenger information in airports and rail stations, and in retail.

As with its previous models, the P754Q features the same levels of readability in bright light environments, high brightness output of 650 cd/m and anti-reflective screen surface. 

The P754Q also incorporates NEC’s Open Modular intelligence (OMi), the platform that enables “smart and seamless” connections between source and display, to deliver “powerful, tailored and future-proof digital” signage. 

OMi enables users to deliver tailor-made content to their display, and upgrade the power of their display within seconds by integrating one of NEC’s OPS Slot-in PCs, Raspberry Pi compute modules, or signal interfaces for content feed and computing.

“Size and image quality are obviously major considerations when it comes to DooH signage, but many operators are also looking for impact, reliability and ease-of-use,” said Richard Wilks, aviation business development manager at NEC Display Solutions Europe.”

He continued:“Transport hubs such as airports and rail stations are operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and displays are often installed in difficult to access locations. The costs associated with replacing a failed display are therefore very high. Not only are passengers inconvenienced but the airports also lose valuable advertising revenue and brand reputation. With the P754Q, we have combined our deep knowledge and expertise to deliver a display that is ultra-reliable, cost-effective to run, and simple to control.

“With NEC’s cost-saving remote management technology, users save time and effort with the ability to manage their devices from a centralised location using the NaViSet Administrator 2 software tool, while our OMi concept ensures that they can rely on a range of media playback capabilities seamlessly integrated into the displays allowing an instant performance upgrade if needed in the future to ensure a safe investment. Taken together, these capabilities promise a brighter future for every operator – and their audience,” concluded Wilks.

Digital-out-of-Home-advertisers and all companies that want to share life-size messaging in outdoor and semi-outdoor areas can choose an IP56-protected custom-fit housing for the 75” P754Q display. 

Available as a stand-alone totem or wall-mounted cabinet the strong and solid housing protects the display from water impact, dust, theft and physical or external impact. This all-in one display solution designed for a multitude of applications and environmental conditions ensures that their investment in the NEC P754Q is a safe one.