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LG finds the cure for a more comfortable and informed patient experience in hospital

New Multi Touch Arm TV allows patients to see scans and ultrasounds without being removed from the comfort of their hospital beds.

LG is helping hospitals to provide a more comfortable and more informed experience for its patients, with the launch of its new ‘Multi Touch Arm TV’ mount product.

The product, which uses LG’s 15 inch new Pro:Centric Smart TV display, is designed to allow doctors to provide a detailed digital consultation – such as discussing and displaying scans – directly from a patients bedside at a comfortable and convenient position. 

The TV, which also provides access interactive services and entertainment, such as video on demand and premium channels, as well as hospital information, provides “impressive” picture quality, even from wide viewing angles. It’s also durable enough to withstand heavy use and has a wide range of safety benefits, including antimicrobial material, cleaning protection glass and rounded corners.