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LANG focuses on LED Worlds

At this year’s ISE, LANG continues to focus on LED Worlds, which it says allows customers to choose the service they require – from consultancy through simple sales and rentals through to partnering on the most sophisticated projects.

LANG points out that, in a global market with hundreds of competing LED manufacturers, the best choice of the right technology can be of great importance to an entire project. This often starts with defining the exact specifications, where LANG believes, with its specialised and experienced LED engineers with their knowledge of products and manufacturers, it can help. Where detailed project- and product planning is needed, LANG explains that the company can give support on product selection or suggest modifications to existing products.

For example, LANG points out, an essential parameter in the choice of a suitable LED product is the pixel pitch, which defines the minimum viewing distance to the LED wall. The trend of LED technology tends to an ever-smaller pixel pitch, but often, the company notes, it is not necessary for projects to invest in the finest pixel pitch. The resolution capability of the human eye means that the observer can no longer perceive the matrix structures of a LED wall from a certain distance. Through intensive consultation with LANG LED Worlds it is possible, says the company, to establish which product is the most economical and technically most useful for a specific application.

Stand: 1-H60