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Brompton Technology & INFiLED brighten UK musicals

SSS has purchased a number of 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors and Tessera XD data distribution units for I Should Be So Lucky and Just For One Day musicals, which both utilise Brompton Technology LED processing and INFiLED displays

UK touring musicals I Should Be So Lucky and Just For One Day have one thing in common – both utilise Brompton Technology LED processing and INFiLED displays provided by audio visual equipment rental company, Stage Sound Services (SSS). The combination delivers a noticeable difference in colour reproduction, especially at lower brightness levels. SSS worked with system designer and engineer, Dan Trenchard, and video designer, Andrzej Goulding, on both productions to deploy LED equipment to great effect on these highly successful shows.

Phil Hurley, SSS’s owner, notes that with 95 percent of their work being theatre specific, staying at the forefront of the latest technologies for the market is crucial.

“We’ve been supplying video for some of the biggest theatre shows for the last 10-15 years and knew we needed to find the right time to invest in LED technology; theatre is a fast, fluid market with many design requirements, but there are also budgetary constraints,” he said. “We first used LED with Brompton processors in 2021 on The Drifters Girl. From the conversations that followed with production engineers and designers, we knew that Brompton had established itself as an industry standard, as it offers high-end LED processing that allows theatre creatives to do what they need to do.”

As a result, at the end of 2023, SSS decided to purchase a number of 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors and Tessera XD data distribution units for I Should Be So Lucky. “We added more Brompton Tessera products for the Old Vic’s production of Just For One Day, a brand new musical based around the Live Aid story, which started at the end of January,” Hurley added.

Trenchard, with over ten years experience in theatre, touring musicals, plays, opera, live events, and concert touring, including Coldplay’s latest world tour, is also no newcomer to Brompton LED processing. For I Should Be So Lucky he collaborated with Goulding to select both the equipment and supplier, as well as designing and installing the system.

With LED technology now becoming more cost effective and widely used in theatre, Trenchard feels SSS’s combination of INFiLED LED panels and Brompton Technology have been a game-changer. It allows them to offer LED not just for large West End shows, but for touring productions, allowing those that typically shy away from the technology due to cost and logistical considerations to benefit from its versatility.

“They appreciate Brompton software’s visual clarity, which makes it immediately obvious if there’s a cable fault, for example. Other systems I’ve used can conceal such information behind the user interface, leaving you with little insight beyond knowing there’s a fault. I feel the combination of SSS, Brompton Technology, and INFiLED have brought LED to theatre in a much bigger way than ever before,” he said.