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Interview: A quick chat about Yamaha’s new YVC-200 portable speakerphone

Ideal for on-the-go workers and remote employees, AVTE spoke to Meghan Kennelly, marketing comms manager at Yamaha Unified Communications to learn more

Hi Meghan. Tell us about the YVC -200

The YVC-200 speakerphone is the ultimate portable device for on-the-go and ad-hoc communications. Simply connect your PC, smartphone or tablet via USB, Bluetooth or NFC. Its rechargeable battery (and carrying case!) allows for complete portability for up to 10 hours. A headset jack allows for private conferences and music listening between calls. Available in a choice of white or black, the unit blends into any home or corporate office. Its small, lightweight, and space-saving design is perfect for open workspaces, huddle rooms, home offices, and travel.

How does this compare to the previous models?

For more than 10 years, Yamaha has been the trusted solutions provider for delivering a natural and reliable conversation experience for remote communication. The YVC-200 expands our UC portfolio with a portable conferencing device designed to offer intuitive operation and deliver high-quality, comfortable audio no matter where the user is working. Bring it in your bag and take the office outside!

Why buy this over a competitor?

The YVC-200 is integrated with Yamaha’s leading sound processing technologies, including adaptive echo cancellation and Human Voice Activity Detection that focuses the unit on speech rather than background noise. It features intelligent microphones that deliver full-duplex conversation without sound dropouts, even when multiple people are speaking at once. In addition, powerful built-in speakers deliver audio that sounds true to life, so it feels as if every remote participant on the call is in the room.

When is the YVC-200 available?

Available now!

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Price: 169.40 euros MSRP