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Naostage announces distribution deals in 4 countries

Strategic partnerships in in the UK, Italy, Poland, and the Czech Republic, are a result of fast growth in sales of its K SYSTEM, the first automatic, beaconless live 3D tracking solution

Naostage has announced the addition of four new distributors in Europe. These strategic partnerships in the UK, Italy, Poland, and the Czech Republic, cater for  growing demand for its K SYSTEM, which it says is the first automatic, beaconless live 3D tracking solution.

In the UK, Naostage will be represented by 2B Heard, a company founded in 2015 with extensive experience in professional audio brands for pro AV integrators and rental companies in the UK and Ireland.

Anatole Rochut, engineer Naostage, Stefano Rocchi director, Audiosales, and Alexis Reymond, sales manager, Naostage

Sam Nankivell, director of 2B Heard, said: “Naostage represents an exciting concept of merging innovation into the creative process, allowing us to work with visual and audio concepts simultaneously. The system, backed by continued development stands out as being at the forefront of the market; both innovative and groundbreaking but with the ability to be deployed into the real world with ease.”

Initially aimed at the live event sector, 2B Heard sees a much wider-range of potential applications for Naostage’s K-SYSTEM, such as E-Sports, visitor attractions and virtual broadcast production.

The company aims to educate, train and demonstrate the product through events to allow the entertainment technology and installation industry to grasp the concept, as well as offer operator-supported field testing and on-site demonstrations to customers looking to deploy live tracking into their projects.

“We believe Naostage is the missing link in many applications,” added Nankivell. “Using AI as the method of interaction between environments and audiences, Naostage will develop to offer experience-led retail, competitive socialising and enhanced technical delivery of performances. Data capture and feedback will also show the ability to provide a strong return on investment to experiential service providers, something which standard tracking will not be able to deliver.”

Established in 1996, in Parma Italy, Audiosales represents over 40 international professional audio, video and lighting brands, catering for the Italian market.

“We are excited about our collaboration with Naostage: an innovative technology, to revolutionise the world of scenography with the creation of unique live immersive experiences,” commented Stefano Rocchi, CEO, Audiosales.

Audiosales will focus on establishing Naostage’s presence in Italy, with an emphasis on proactive demos and webinars to create interest in its K SYSTEM, with a particular focus on theatres and conference events, where Audiosales believes the tracking system will achieve success.

“Naostage will act as a leading brand for us as representatives of unique pro AVL solutions and cutting-edge technologies,” stated Rocchi. “We intend to make ourselves more known in the theatre and conference event vertical, which is why we believe Naostage K SYSTEM is an excellent business card for this.”

In eastern Europe, Naostage is developing its presence by partnering with Lauda Central in Poland and PRO MUSIC in the Czech Republic to bring K SYSTEM to the region. Notably, the Czech Republic demonstrates a keen interest in tracking, with the distributor already working on a major fixed installation project.

“We are thrilled to welcome not one, but four talented distributors for the European market,” enthused Alexis Reymond, sales manager of Naostage. “These partnerships mark a significant milestone for us at Naostage, underscoring our commitment to delivering innovative solutions to the largest audience of pro-AV professionals. Together, we look forward to driving mutual success in Europe.”