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Focal unveils heavy-duty loudspeaker models

Focal has added two high-resistant loudspeakers to round out the company's Integration Collection.

Focal has announced it has completed its 100 Series (Integration Collection) with the addition of two highly-resistant loudspeakers: the 100 OD6 and 100 OD8.

The loudspeakers feature a high-density, UV-treated Polypropylene damping cabinet and are IP66 certified, demonstrating the resistance of the models to extreme weather conditions. In addition the units include an aluminium inverted dome tweeter for excellent sound dispersion, a bass/mid-range speaker driver with a waterproof Polypropylene cone and Polyglass treatment for definition. The 100 OD6 and 100 OD8 loudspeakers also have a high impedance (8 ohms) and therefore offer the possibility of connecting two loudspeakers in parallel on the same amplifier output.

The 100 OD6 and 100 OD8 are each equipped with a reinforced, notched assembly bracket made from solid, anti-rust aluminium, and offer the option to rotate the loudspeaker 180° for sound diffusion. The product is therefore easier to install, as well as to position, either vertically or horizontally, depending on preference and the layout of the outdoor space.