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ESI Design creates interactive installs at eBay’s new campus

ESI Design has created an immersive environment for visitors and employees at eBay’s new ‘Main Street’ campus in San Jose, the centrepiece of which is a 15ft touchscreen videowall.

The new 20,000sqft building features large-scale, interactive displays and media installations aiming to immerse employees and visitors in the global reach of eBay. There is also a 7,150sqft Main Hall that serves as a modern space for hosting meetings, conferences, and events of all sizes.

“Our primary goal for Main Street was to capture the pulse and vibrancy of eBay,” said eBay SVP global operations, Wendy Jones. “We are pleased with the outcome of the space, from the design, to the interactive installations and displays, and we believe it brings to life the breadth and depth of the global scale of eBay.”

“We wanted to design a dynamic experiential environment which immerses eBay employees and visitors in the excitement of the company,” said Edwin Schlossberg, founder and principal of ESI Design.

The ESI Design team utilised interactive software, visual media, technical systems and physical environmental design in the conception of Main Street.

The 15ft touchscreen centrepiece at the entry to the building allows employees and visitors can tap icons representing cars, shoes, handbags, and other goods, then see how many items were sold in that category in the past few hours or days.

LED columns line the Main Street entry, creating a threshold that frames the multi-touch wall at the end of the corridor and syncs with its content to create a canvas that spans the entire space. Two interactive touchscreens at reception allow employees and partners to explore eBay People, Products, and Impact on an intimate scale. One screen showcases the eBay Community of employees, buyers, sellers, partners, and givers, while a second screen focuses on the eBay Store and Marketplace and what makes it unique. Using an app developed by eBay’s product team, employees and partners can purchase featured products on their mobile devices.

ESI Design