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Free presentation switcher control app leverages mobile and the cloud

Controlhaus System Design, a technology services provider, has launched AVgui and ControlCloud, which it describes as "an entirely new approach to AV control".

Controlhaus System Design, a technology services provider, has launched AVgui and ControlCloud, which it describes as “an entirely new approach to AV control”.

AVgui is a free app for the Apple iPad that controls AV presentation switchers from a number of manufacturers, including:
• AMX Enova DVX all-in-one presentation switchers
• Crestron DMPS3 presentation systems
• Extron DTP Crosspoint 84
Users simply select a switcher, enter a host name or IP address and press save. Matrix switching and audio level control are then available on the easy-to-use interface. AVgui is said to be ideal for testing newly installed systems or for demonstrating product to a customer.

AVgui also includes an edit mode that allows for substantial customisation. Scrolling input and output menus can contain a practically unlimited number of items that support audio-follow-video or audio/video breakaway routing. A long list of icon images is available and any interface text can be edited right in the app. Further customisation options include start-up and shutdown times, as well as selecting which audio output is controlled by the main volume slider.

ControlCloud is a paid subscription service that allows users to store their AVgui configurations in the cloud and access them from any device with the AVgui app. Subscriptions are purchased and managed in the app, making the entire platform completely mobile. Users can allow others to access one or more of their configurations by simply entering an email address. Invited users receive an email with their login information and a link to the AVgui app, allowing for true BYOD control.

AVgui is available free in the iTunes Store.


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