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Clear-Com Agent-IC app opens Eclipse-HX intercom to remote iOS users

Agent-IC provides users of Eclipse-HX matrix intercom systems with remote access from an iPhone or iPad over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi/IP networks.

Clear-Com has unveiled Agent-IC, a new mobile app that gives users of Eclipse-HX matrix intercom systems remote access from an iPhone or iPad over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi/IP networks. The app provides a virtual intercom panel to connect staff in remote locations, or crew spread across wide areas, using their portable handheld devices.

Providing global access to a host Eclipse-HX matrix intercom system, the Agent-IC app is described as cost effective and easy to deploy. Users of iPhones or iPads running iOS 8.0 or later can install the app directly from the App Store. Accessing the app requires proper authorisation and system pre-configuration from the intercom’s system administrator using EHX.

“Agent-IC adds a completely new dimension to the Eclipse-HX system, extending the reach of the system to provide global, on-demand access to Eclipse resources,” said Peter Stallard, senior product manager, Clear-Com. “Clear-Com already offers a breadth of hardware control key panels, integrated wireless beltpack and IP-based PC client panels. Now any authorised mobile user can enjoy high-quality, full-featured access to their Eclipse-HX system from anywhere in the world using their smartphone or tablet.”

Managed under central administration control from the host Eclipse-HX system, the Agent-IC app is fully featured with point-to-point calling, point-to-multi-point group calling, partyline, PTT, local cross-point audio level control and notification functions. Access to the host Eclipse-HX matrix is secure, using UserID/password and audio encryption.

Remote users are provided with an ergonomically designed UI configured like a dedicated intercom panel, which enables them to monitor and/or contribute to assigned matrix resources. Agent-IC is said to provide excellent audio quality based on the G.722 codec and is accessible via multiple IP networks, with user selectable optimisation for network conditions.